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Zhejiang National Medical Co. Ltd. is the subsidiary company of Beijing National Medical Co. Ltd. Beijing National Medical is a worldwide famous manufacturer of ETCO2 modules and capnography monitors. National Medical’s mission is to develop, market and manufacture mainstream and side stream ETCO2 modules, capnography monitors, NIBP module, SPO2 modules and multi-parameters module, which can be integrated into patient monitors, anesthesia delivery systems and ventilators.

National Medical has two types of side stream ETCO2 modules and two types of mainstream ETCO2 modules. Side stream ETCO2 modules include internal(build-in) module and external ETCO2 module. Many parameters of all these ETCO2 modules have been improved many times, including the CO2 accuracy, CO2 measurement range, respiratory rate range, all kinds of compensations, CO2 stability, capacity of waveform discernment, alarm of occluded, long life, etc. Our customers are distributed more than 30 countries all over the world, such as the USA, Canada, Japan, Korea, Russia, Germany, India, Brazil and so on. Moreover, some of our products had been certificated by CE market.

National Medical’s products shall be designed using the latest advances in component and microprocessor technology for optimal convenience, mobility and ease of integration.

National Medical’s vision is to become the main supplier of ETCO2 modules, capnography monitors and other all kinds of patient monitor modules all over the world. We hope that all patient monitor manufacturers who using our modules can make patient care much safer, easier and cheaper. Good products, good price and good service are our competitive advantage.

National Medical specializes in capnography for over 15 years. We began to produce our own ETCO2 modules since 2006. We had sold more than 30000 pcs of ETCO2 modules till now. National Medical has been working to improve the standard of healthcare and will continue to offer new ways to improve patient safety and make a clinical difference in patient care. National Medical commitment to excellence is modeled on making the ordinary, extraordinary and making capnography smart for the patient and healthcare professional.