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advertise for Regional Sales Manager
Release time:2019-10-28

Recruitment position: Regional Sales Manager

Location: Xinchang, Zhejiang

Job nature: Manufacturing / production / processing

Recruitment: 10

Job summary:

Responsible for the distribution of the company in East China.

Job description:

1. Be responsible for the marketing of the equipment in the designated area and achieve all sales targets;

2. Be responsible for completing the order and following up, ensure the product can be installed in time, and improve customer satisfaction;

3. Participate in the bidding work, coordinate the market, product, sales, logistics and service departments to participate in the later work of the project;

4. Participate in regional marketing activities and understand the customer information and dynamics involved in such activities;

5. Visit customers regularly, collect customer demand information and form visit reports, and coordinate with relevant departments to solve problems raised by customers;

6. Participate in sales training, complete the collection and analysis of market information, and report to the sales manager periodically.

Terms of service:

1. Major in science and engineering, bachelor degree or above;

2. At least 5 years sales experience in related industries, with large equipment sales experience is preferred;

3. Master the industry trends of the company and understand the technical characteristics of the products operated by the company;

4. Excellent communication and execution ability, good customer service awareness, high professionalism;

5. Proficient in using word, Excel, PowerPoint and other office software, good English application ability.